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Light Language 1&2 // Ibiza

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Light Language is an ancient teaching that was passed down from the Shamans of Vera Cruz,  Mexico, and rooted in the Mayan culture. They had the ability to decode the reality they grasp in their system into fragments of sacred geometry and colors and follow the structures of it.

Most of it is very simple and easy to comprehend. We, in modern society, do it as well, yet we do not bring our awareness to it as much.

We all speak and understand Light Language intuitively. Each language around the globe consists of phrases like “red of anger”, ” square minded” or “heart of gold”. These phrases indicate that we all see color and shape in our light senses.

Everything is made of sacred geometry and colors, everything already has a grid, and therefore, grids can be written to any purpose: personal transformation, community, relationships, love, communication, self-esteem, spiritual development…

In the beginning, most choose to heal or change what there is especially if it causes suffering and pain. Heal, advance, transform. Pain is here to ask your attention to kindly open a channel of love and connection, wealth and health. I also see in the early steps of the work lots of grids to get or achieve something; it is beautiful, yet mature grids work with deeper levels of self realization.

It is definitely a strong tool. And it works.

Light Language 1st level

In the first level of Light Language you will be introduced to the basic colors and shapes that reality appears in, as well as to the relevant constellations of energies through which each color and shape is directed to a specific area in your life. Consequently, you will be recomposing with intention and awareness the experiences that you wish to go through in your life.

The way you approach relationships, communications, activities and spirituality is sublime.

Light Language_ 2nd level

The art of manifestation is about the ability to consciously transform intention into a living reality.

In this level, while being initiated to more colors and shapes, you will gain insights into the geometrical forms that convey the fundamental components

of the momentary nature of creation.

With this initiation, you become the magician, the teacher, the master of your life, and create energetic structures to manifest anything that your heart desires (intimate relationships, healing self-esteem, increasing self-love, financial abundance and more).

Starting  at 09:00 on the 21st. Ending at 19:00 the 24th.



Keren Gabriela Sternfeld



The house is located in the campo, at the center of the Island, between the villages of Santa Gertrudis and San Mateo.
It is a cozy home. not a retreat place.
For this special occasion, the house will be open for us to explore light language together.
We suggest that you’ll find another place for accommodation. we can accommodate only a very small number of guests.


Course price

Course price 550€

Food and accommodation 150€
( including breakfast and lunch on course days. not including dinner)


Light Language 1&2 // IBIZA


Thank you for choosing to join Light Language journey on Ibiza with us.

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Please make sure you transfer the payment for the course in time to the following account:


IBAN: ES11 2100 2716 1207 0004 6754


La Caixe Bank 
Santa Gertrudis

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