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Level 2 - Authentic Relationships // Ibiza


Authentic Relationships // IBIZA

  • Recognize and learn to create authentic relationships in each area of your life

  • Acquire tools to assess your relationships, honor them and assist others in developing authentic, fulfilled relationships

  • Understand that your relationship to your soul and higher self is the foundation for authentic relationships

  • Increase your ability to perceive polarities, treat them in a creative manner and understand their dynamic in relationships

  • Accept every relationship as a gift of your soul in the Infinite Game of Life

May 21-28, 2020

Starting  with dinner at 18:00 on the 21st. Ending with Breakfast at 09:30 on the 28th.



Simrit Kaur
Sarit Maor


Shiv Charan Singh



The House of Colors is located close to the village of San Juan in the wild north of Ibiza. From its perch up in the hills visitors can enjoy spectacular open views and sunsets.


Magical peace, stunning views, harmonious and welcoming atmosphere are the striking characteristics of this place. Embedded high up in the Nature Reserve of the northern hills of Ibiza.

A mix of Adobe and Morocco/ India enhance the Magic you feel. Set up with warmth and love so you can share it. Pagoda, Geodesic dome and an infinity pool. Many undisturbed corners.

Course price

Course price starting at 800 € (depending on payment dates, see registration form)

Food and accommodation 535 € ( to be paid to the venue separately )


Level 2 Ibiza


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