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Level 2 - Mind & Meditation // Israel


Mind & Meditation // Israel

  • Asses your meditative skills and refine your approach to meditation

  • Elaborate your relationship to your own mind: learn to consciously asses, understand and command the mind

  • Learn the structure of the mind as described by Yogi Bhajan: the aspects and the projections

  • Examine how to apply this to your own mind and to your life

  • Increase your ability to heal through meditation and use your skills to help people

December 5-11, 2019

Starting  with dinner at 18:00 on the 5th. Ending at 17:00 on the 11th



Simrit Kaur
Sarit Maor


Shiv Charan Singh


Arava Desert

On top of Zofar valley, and in front of the Arava Cliffs, in a unique environment of peace and quietness. The accommodation  and the group room build in mud. 

We'll eat our meals in a dining space which has the earth as it’s floor and the sky as a ceiling. 

Part of the practices will take place in a group room which is made of mud, with a huge glass wall facing the desert valley, and part of our days we’ll be at the desert valley itself.



Course price

Course price starting at € 1000 (depending on payment dates, see registration form)

the price includes food and accommodation

Level 2 Mind and meditation // Israel


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For Israelis לישראלים
שרית מאור
בנק לאומי
סניף 940
חשבון 22282854


For Non-Israelis:

Sarit Maor
44 Brenner st.
Petach Tikva 49383

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