CANGREJITO - My first Spanish Lesson

This morning I saw a little crab on the beach at Ibiza. My memory took me to one night in Barcelona, four months ago. The little crab became a sign, telling me; A Cycle Opens.

A journey that was supposed to take seven hours became a 24 hours journey, as I was on my way from Ibiza to Zurich, traveling via Barcelona.

They said the reason for the delays was heavy rain in Barcelona that morning.

after long hours of waiting at Ibiza airport, with no clarity on when the first flight is going to take off, I’ve arrived in Barcelona airport, knowing that the next flight to Zurich has been cancelled.

Seemed like I wasn’t the only one.


I have found myself with hundreds of passengers, standing in lines on a big hall, waiting for their turn to be informed which flight they are going to be on, and where they are going to spend the night.

I was surprised to find that the atmosphere was mostly very clam.
It took a few hours before the subtle irritation have become a clear upset for a few.

Used to the Israeli mentality, I was wondering how come everybody is so patient…?

Is this how it is here, that people are so relaxed even though they are facing unexpected changes and uncertainty?

One of the women waiting there told me that she was stuck in a similar situation last week, and that people were much more upset about it. “How come?” I’ve asked, “Because last week the reason for the delays was a strike. Today the reason is weather. So people have a sense of destiny. ”



Do you find that you are calmer when facing unexpected changes when you see destiny as your destination?

Would you respond to a natural storm and to a human storm with the same attitude?

It’s clear, how I was relaxed and even enjoying in that big waiting hall.
It was not only the sense of destiny (as I was traveling to meet a new group of students),
it was the one thing that can uplift any state, if you let it: music!

listening to some great tracks on my earphones, I couldn’t just stand still, and started dancing.
It was one of the best dance parties I’ve been to, in a very unexpected club:

The “Stuck in the System” Club

Here is one of the tracks I kept playing again and again: 

The airline had no more hotel rooms, and the earliest next flight to Zurich was planned for the next morning. Seemed like I was destined to meet someone. I was destined to have my first Spanish lesson.

Gary and Lali came to pick me up.

Tiana, Barcelona. June 2018

Tiana, Barcelona. June 2018

He is a clown, a writer, the world is his playground. She is a playwright, a poet. They are Kundalini Pilgrims; allowing the free flow of the creative force to be expressed artistically, with a sense of a mission, a service they offer.

Gary travels the world, creating and preforming with Kamchatka and NCNC;
creating inspiring and touching street theatre/cinema.

Lali writes theatre plays. She used to travel with an old typewriter, asking people to give her 10 words; The first words that come to mind, without thinking about it. Using these 10 words, she would immediately write a poem for them.

I was intrigued, and asked her to write a poem for me. I said 10 words, and played a bit of the music. I was dancing to in the airport hall.

These are the words, and this is the poem, written for me, at that moment, in transition, in Spanish:

  1. nubes - clouds

  2. reflexión - reflection

  3. música - music

  4. casa - home

  5. ritmo - rhythm

  6. tambores - drums

  7. na na na

  8. pulso - pulse

  9. me gusta - I like

  10. tengo - I have



Se abre el circulo

las nubes vuelan lejos

hacia ese sitio al que podemos llamar casa

y el ritmo me toma

te toma

nos toma

tambores atávicos que nos suenan conocidos

Se abre el circulo


y el pulso de esa reflexión

nunca antes hecha

nunca antes necesitada

y las nubes vuelan lejos

me gusta...

todo lo que tengo son estos cinco dedos,

que se juntan para acariciarte

acariciarte, vida...

se abre el circulo

cangrejito soy, parece que ando hacía atrás

pero no.

Little Crab

The cycle opens
The clouds sail away
to the place
we could call home

And the beat takes hold of me
Of you
Of us

 Ancestral drums
that sound familiar to us

 The cycle opens
Na Na Na
And the pulse of this reflection
that we have never reflected upon
and never needed

The clouds are sailing in the distance
I like it
All that I have are these five fingers
that join to caress  you, life

 A circle opens
A small crab is what I am
It seems like I walk backwards,
But it ain’t so.


סרטן קטן 

המעגל נפתח
עננים שטים במרחק
לכיוון המקום ההוא שנוכל לקרוא לו בית 

והקצב אוחז בי

תופים קדמונים
שנשמעים לנו

המעגל נפתח

והדופק של ההרהור הזה
שמעולם לא הרהרנו
שמעולם לא הזדקקנו לו

והעננים שטים במרחק
מוצא חן בעיני

כל מה שיש לי אלה חמשת
שמשתלבות כדי ללטפך, חיים

המעגל נפתח
אני סרטן קטן
נדמה שאני הולכת לאחור
אבל זהו, שלא

_ _ _ 

תרגום: גרי שוחט



That night was 4 months ago,
Just before starting the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training course in Zurich.
I am now back on Ibiza from Switzerland, after emerging into a 5 days retreat with the same group of students.

This morning at the beach on Ibiza I saw it: A Little crab. The cycle opens… 

Benirras beach, Ibiza. September 2018

Benirras beach, Ibiza. September 2018