April 1 - May 11 2020

A time of change, A time for change


40 days in the desert

exploring the journeys of the prophets
and the yogic wisdom of a 40 days practice

Arava Desert - Israel
Sinai Desert - Egypt
Wadi Rum - Jordan
Judea Desert - Israel

The vision of this journey is rooted in the wish to bring clarity into the common essence of spiritual practices from different cultures, and create a platform for a deep personal process, 
a deep group process, 
a meeting, 
and a message to be send out to the world.

This is an exploration of 40 days transformation as journeyed by the prophets & saints of Judaism, Christianity & Islam, in the deserts of the Middle East. The wish is to create a new context for these ancient stories.

By exploring these archetypes of transformation we wish to learn many fundamental & forgotten components in the process of the becoming of leaders.  

 This project invites the spirits of pilgrims & pioneers; following the paths of our ancestors as we create a new story for ourselves, for the Middle East, & beyond.

The principle of the transformative effect of 40 days of a particular practice, quest and inner journey - is a fundamental key in the spiritual technology of Kundalini Yoga, rooted in the ancient wisdom of India and Tibet,
as much as it is known to be a key period of transformation through the ancient stories of religions born in the middle-East.

The vision of the 40 DAYS IN THE DESERT project is to gather an international group of devoted practitioners from varied backgrounds, to dive deep into the spiritual journey, and to meet each other on levels that are usually unattainable in the pace of the modern times, and in the situation of the middle-east.
The wish is to bring this international group in order to create a platform for people from the middle east to meet on this new deeper level. 

The traditions of the middle-east, as well as the traditions of the yogis, tell about individuals who've been going through these 40 days as a solitary retreat. 

In the case of our journey, we will be coming as a community.



we will be moving between these 4 deserts, going through 4 stages:

Arava Desert: Locating ourselves in the context of the stories of the prophets.
And celebrating the Jewish Holiday - Passover - diving into it’s mystical essence;
The exile of the speech and the liberation of the mouth.

Sinai Desert: Walking as a mystic ritual.
Kundalini Pilgrimage. all the way to the high mountain of Sinai.We will be walking daily in the depths of the desert, all the way to the high mountain in Sinai (which some relate to as the biblical Mount Sinai). Exploring outer and inner landscapes through walking, as it has been practiced in the journeys of the mystics who engaged the act of wandering as an expression of the exile of the soul, and as a practice of: Penance, Purification, and Prophecy.

Wadi Rum: Dreams and Visions
working with the dream space of the group, not only as an individual communication of one’s sub-conscious, but as group of dreamers. Allowing the dream to become a space for receiving and gathering the wisdom of the collective through the wisdom and practices of dreaming cultures.
Vision Quest – inspired by the indigenous North American cultures.
It is a time for people to be by themselves, in a state of prayer, asking for a vision regarding their path.

- The 40 days of Ramadan (30 + 10 days) starts on April 23rd

We will explore the meaning of the fast.
And practice its essence.

Judea Desert: Self - Initiation
Exploring the story of Jesus in the desert for 40 days. As we move in the same desert where he was baptized, and went for his 40 days.

Preparing to return to the world with a clearer individual mission.
After 40 days of a disciplined practice, we are “liberating the mouth”, into an authentic, conscious self expression.

Ceremony of Self Baptism 

Will include teachers from different traditions. Jewish, Muslim, Christians, Yogis, Scholars, Musicians,Shamans.

  • An acceleration process for teachers and potential leaders, to become clearer about their mission and to deepen the commitment to their vision

  • Creating a platform for people in the middle-east to meet on new deep levels

  • Creating a space for peace activists, who have been burnt out or discouraged, to meet each other again and find new context for their work

This will be our pilot program,
wishing to create a new tradition
and a new context for the ancient stories.
It invites the spirit of Pilgrims - Pioneers:
following the paths of the ancestors,
as we create a new story;
for ourselves, for the Middle East, and beyond...

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